Vatican Museum (3-1/2 Hour Tour -- €50)

The Vatican Museums are considered to be among the most important museums of the world and contain important masterpieces from the Egyptian Epoche to the late Renaissance period.  This tour is carried out by selected professional guides and includes Pio Clementino museum, Candelabra Gallery, Tapestries Gallery, Geographical maps Gallery, Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel.  Included is an explanation of the Square and St. Peter’s Basilica (external visit), and access to the Vatican Museums by previous booking (skip the line ).  After the visit of the Sistine Chapel it's possible to access the Basilica (and avoid the long lines) by means of an underground passageway.  


Catacombs (3 hours - €150)

There are many fabulous catacombs under Rome that tell stories of life and death.  During this private tour you will visit both Jewish and Christian catacombs throughout Rome which are unique and not open to the public.  You'll creep down narrow shafts past vaults and mortuaries, noticing their remarkable state of preservation, and examine the intricate Latin and Greek epitaphs still visible on the marble tombs that line the burial chambers.