What an amazing trip this has been. I can’t imagine seeing Rome any other way ever again. Riding on a Vespa you get to see everything Rome has to offer – you feel the culture, the people. And it couldn’t be done without Roman Holiday Vespa Tours, and with Roberto, and Sandy, and Max.  Everybody was so just wonderful.  I feel like a family. I would have never ever had this experience any other way other than Roman Holiday Vespa Tours.

- Sheri Schnitzer

I have to admit I was a little worried about the Vespa riding, not having been on a motor scooter for many years, but it was the best part of the trip by far. We saw so many of the sights, particularly the nightlife, which was exciting. The other thing that I loved about the trip was the Italian people, and the warmth, and the generosity, and the friendliness, and the charm. I can’t thank you enough, Sandy, for putting this together. Your Italian crew, your American crew were just first class.

- Marjorie Leary

Work, continuing education and family make for zero spare time to plan a vacation.  Contacting Sandy was the smartest email I could have sent.  All I had to do was answer some questions, next thing I knew I was in Rome!  
* Was picked up at the airport and taken directly to my hotel.  
* Rooms reserved for me in the center of everything!
* The Vespas
* Thoroughly knowledgeable local guides.
* Recommendations for individual adventures away from the group. 
* The Vespas
* Avoiding the tour-isty restaurants; and hitting the places locals eat. 
* My boyfriend was able to get the group involved in a surprise proposal!!  I was SHOCKED!
I had to leave.

- Michaeleen Dresser

Just got back from the most amazing trip in Rome - Roman Holiday Vespa Tours made it more than a was an experience...a life changing experience. While the tourists were waiting in very long lines, we got through “the back door” and got right in. Rather than eating in touristy restaurants we were eating with the locals in the most authentic Italian restaurants..,Riding through Rome on Vespas seeing such amazing beauty it’s hard to describe - I’m going back again next year! Thank you to Sandy Parten of Roman Holiday Vespas, my dear friend, for making this such an amazing experience!

- Jody Johnston

The accommodations were great, the tours were even better. We laughed a lot, we had a lot of fun. I can’t even explain how many things we’ve seen here. You can’t explain this to anyone. They have to experience it.

- Bob Machuga

First of all I want to say, that it took some convincing before I agreed to see Rome via a Vespa.  I'm very glad I allowed myself to be convinced!
What exhilarating fun! I didn't feel like a tourist, I felt like a local.  Although at times I was very excited, I never once felt I was in danger.  Throughout the entire tour we had a tour guide in front of us and a tour guide behind us, helping us to navigate.  
One of the more interesting aspects of the adventure was something I came to realize many weeks after our trip.  I (almost at times subconsciously) have been attempting to create thrills in my life.  This was mostly accomplished by means of seminars and retreats.  These seminars and retreats used various experiences such as zip lines, three-day survival training, fire walking on coals, et al.  Although there was some elements of pleasure and pride of accomplishment in these experiences, for the most they felt contrived at best.  This was a feeling which was completely missing during my Vespa experience.  I was exhilarated and knew the experience was real.  For someone who has been searching for this feeling for quite a while, it was almost shocking to experience this feeling without even looking for it.  This is only one of the reasons I enjoyed my Vespa experience so much, and would recommend the tour to anyone.

- Tom Shields

Jim 2017.jpeg
Italy has always been a country I’ve wanted to see, so I was really excited when the opportunity arose. The idea of touring the city and countryside on Vespas and seeing the city like the Romans do (and not just like the tourists) only added to my excitement.
The rides around Rome were as wonderful as I had hoped, and the scenery “outside the walls” was beautiful! Since I’m interested in history, I liked that we had personal guides right there to explain everything and answer all of our questions. Rome is spectacular – the architecture, the history, and of course, the food.  We ate at traditional Roman restaurants and enjoyed wines selected just for us by our guides.  
Roman Holiday Vespa Tour is the way to go for a real Roman adventure.  Everything was planned for us, and all we had to do is show up, relax, and enjoy Italy.

- Jim Skurzynski

I have traveled extensively throughout the US, but had never seen Europe. For my first experience, I choose Immersion World Travel to plan the perfect vacation for me. I had 10 days, so we decided on Rome, Florence, and Venice. I choose to do a three-day Vespa Tour in Rome, a day trip to Florence, and overnight in Venice. Everything was planned perfectly - from being picked up at the airport by a private car to the great accommodations to the wonderful experiences in all three cities. Vespas in Rome sounded a little scary to me, but once I got on the back with my guide, Roberto, I felt at ease. We zipped around Rome seeing all the beautiful sights and getting to know the real city! Once you ride a Vespa through Rome, you don’t want to do it any other way. It was great to experience Florence and Venice with the expert help of Immersion World Travel. They have extensive knowledge of Italy and helped me choose the activities and adventures that interested me. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

- Margaret Bartholomew